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Focusing on issues, not tweets, Raw Story and AlterNet’s Joshua Holland and Liz Preza talk politics with academics, newsmakers and progressive journalists.


March 28, 2015

March 28, 2015 Show

This week, we'll be joined by Rachel Baye from the Center for Public Integrity to talk about the Law Enforcement Alliance of America -- a shadowy dark money group that parachutes into down-ballot races, drops a big chunk of money on some of the nastiest attack ads you'll ever see and then vanishes into the ether.

Then we'll speak with Ed Kilgore -- the Washington Monthly's Political Animal -- about his new book:Election 2014: Why the Republicans Swept the Midterms.

Finally, we'll get an update from Pandagon writer Amanda Marcotte about the latest anti-choice legislation popping up in some deep red states.

This week, we also have a musical theme: Country songs that would make Ted Cruz's head explode.

Waylon Jennings: "The Immigrant" 
Johnny Cash: "Man in Black
Kacey Musgraves: "Follow Your Arrow"
Joan Jett: "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"

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March 22, 2015

March 20, 2015 Show

This week, we'll speak with independent journalist Alex Kane about the Israeli elections -- and how they may impact relations with Washington, DC.

Then we'll discuss competing budgets released this week with Dave Johnson from the Campaign for America's Future.

Finally, we'll be joined by ACLU staff attorney Hugh Handeyside to get the scoop on TSA's "SPOT" program, which is based on the theory that trained officers can detect people with bad intentions by identifying facial "micro-expressions."

Subliminal: "Tikva"
Pitbull: "Fireball"
AronChupa: "I'm an Albatraoz"
Pete Yorn: "Strange Condition"

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March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015 Show

This week, we'll speak to Eric Boehlert from Media Matters about Fox News star Bill O'Reilly's serial fabrications.

Then we'll be joined by Slate legal reporter Dahlia Lithwick to discuss King v. Burwell, the case that could cost eight million Americans their health coverage.

Finally, we'll speak with Marty "Doctor Zoom" Kelley of Wonkette about an amazing story of family values hypocrisy out of Arkansas.

The Beatles: "Hello Little Girl"
Deathray: "Check It Over"
Jimmy Cliff: "You Can Get it if You Really Want"
Blondie: "One Way or Another"

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March 1, 2015

February 28, 2015 Show

This week, we'll speak with University of Minnesota political scientist Andrew Karch about his research suggesting that states with large black populations, a large share of for-profit prisons and strong police unions are less likely to enact criminal justice reforms.

Then we'll take a look at CPAC's greatest comedy moments, followed by an on-the-ground report from Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast.

Finally, we'll speak with Keegan Hankes from the Southern Poverty Law Center about a new white supremacist groups that has emerged on several American college campuses.

We also have a musical theme: the late great Leonard Nimoy's cheesiest greatest hits.

Leonard Nimoy: "If I had a Hammer"
Leonard Nimoy: "Proud Mary"
Leonard Nimoy: "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"
Leonard Nimoy: "Highly Illogical"

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