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Focusing on issues, not tweets, Raw Story and AlterNet’s Joshua Holland and Liz Preza talk politics with academics, newsmakers and progressive journalists.


This week, we're joined by David Neiwert, the author of Red Pill, Blue Pill: How to Counteract the Conspiracy Theories That Are Killing Us, to talk about the heartbreak of losing a loved one to the QAnon cult--or down similar rabbit holes--and why it's so difficult to bring them back to the real world. This is something that social psychologists really need to figure out, because these conspiracy theories are ripping our society apart. 
And then we welcome Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD) to tell us about the comprehensive package of democratic reforms that he introduced in Congress, H.R. 1, the For The People Act. We talk about what this much-needed bill would do, and how he hopes his colleagues in the Senate might get it passed in the narrowly divided upper chamber.
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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off our first show after the curtain fell on Donald Trump's failed presidency with a rant about the right's maddening weaponization of Joe Biden's promise to promote healing and unity. 
Then we're joined by Slate's Jordan Weissmann to talk about what the new administration can and probably can't achieve with an evenly divided Senate if they don't eliminate the filibuster.
And finally, we speak Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a historian at NYU and the author of Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present, about why it's so important to hold Donald Trump and other seditionists accountable for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election in order to stave off a more disciplined coup attempt in the future.  
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There's one one story that matters this week. 
First, we're joined by Crooks and Liars Managing Editor Karoli Kuns to talk about the second impeachment of Donald Trump, and where the MAGA insurgency might go from here. 
Then we speak with Nicholas Grossman, a professor of international relations at the University of Illinois and senior editor at Ars Technica, about how the far right got the attention of the real deep state--America's sprawling national security bureaucracy--with last week's insurrection, and why they will soon come to regret the heat. 
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Joshua Holland kicks off this week's show marveling at the emotional rollercoaster of winning two Senate runoffs in Georgia just before Trump incited a violent insurgency that shook the country. 
Then we are joined by Adele Stan, director of Rightwing Watch, to talk about what went down in DC, and some of the likely ramifications of what Senator Chuck Schumer called another "day of infamy" in America's history. 
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