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Focusing on issues, not tweets, Raw Story and AlterNet’s Joshua Holland and Liz Preza talk politics with academics, newsmakers and progressive journalists.

September 24, 2021

Saving Democracy Isn‘t Sexy

Joshua Holland kicks off this week arguing that getting stressed out by the endless stories about the Democratic agenda teetering on the precipice isn't going to help--and offers some reasons to be optimistic they'll get a big package of good stuff through. 
Then we speak with HuffPost Senior Reporter Jennifer Bendery about the Biden Administration's early successes making the federal judiciary more reflective of America after four years of Trump appointing mostly white, male wingnuts to the bench. 
Finally, we are joined by Cerin Lindgrensavage, an attorney with the advocacy group Protect Democracy, to talk about how Trump's egregious abuses of executive power may have created a rare opportunity for Congress to wrench some power back from an executive branch that was consolidating it in dangerous ways long before Trump came along. 
Lenka: "Trouble Is A Friend"
Satellite and the Harpoonist: "Satellite Man"
Woody Guthrie: "Jesus Christ"

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