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Focusing on issues, not tweets, Raw Story and AlterNet’s Joshua Holland and Liz Preza talk politics with academics, newsmakers and progressive journalists.


This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a look at what he argues is the most destructive myth in America: that white people will soon be a minority of the population. 
Then we're joined by author and journalist Jeff Sharlet to discuss the latest outbreak of white supremacist violence--this week's terror attack in Buffalo--and why these horrors keep happening.
And last but not least, Lindsay Owens, executive director of The Groundwork Collaborative, tells us that while Americans are feeling the squeeze of inflation, a majority of the past year's cost increases are the result of corporate profiteering, a cause that has largely been minimized or ignored by the legacy media. 


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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a roundup of recent news from America's thin blue line--and the corrupt police culture those stories reveal. 
Then we are joined by Joan Walsh, The Nation's national affairs correspondent, to talk about her latest column, "F*&k Civility!" Joan pushes back on the maddeningly bipartisan effort to paint peaceful pro-choice protesters as a threat to Supreme Court justices' safety.
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As an author, activist and operations director at a women's health clinic in the deep South, Robin Marty knows more about the abortion wars than anyone. She joins us this week to talk about how a maximalist Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade would have far-reaching impacts on people in blue states as well as those living under Republican rule. 
Then we speak with Michael Tomasky, the editor of The New Republic, about Democrats' hesitancy to describe the American right's assaults on democracy in plain terms and the legacy media's powerful bias toward reporting on our politics as if these are normal times--a tendency that helps enable the authoritarian far-right. 
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This week, we speak with the authors of two New York Times opinion pieces, published in the past week, that look at different aspects of the authoritarian far-right in Europe.

First, Ilya Yablokov, a lecturer at the University of Sheffield and author of “Fortress Russia: Conspiracy Theories in the Post-Soviet World,” tells us that Vladimir Putin once used propaganda instrumentally to maintain support at home, but he and his inner circle appear to believe their own conspiracy theories now--and explains why that's so dangerous.
Then we welcome Rim-Sarah Alouane, a legal scholar at Toulouse Capitole University in France, to talk about what has happened in France over the past 30 or so years to give Marine Le Pen, a smoother but dangerous Trumpian candidate, a mainstream veneer that made last week's French presidential election too close for comfort. Alouane warns that if present trends persist, a xenophobic far-right candidate like her may become president of the French Republic in the near future. 


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This week, we take another dive into the fever swamps! 


First up, Muckrake Podcast co-host Jared Yates Sexton joins us to talk about Tucker Carlson's bizarre new obsession with America's entirely imaginary "masculinity crisis." Sexton warns that while Carlson's new program, The End of Men, is easy to mock--and indeed, was designed to earn liberal derision--it fits into a long historical pattern of right-wing movements capitalizing on male insecurity to recruit new members and prepare them to commit violence against their perceived enemies. 

Then Shauna Siggelkow, Define American’s director of digital storytelling, shares a new report she and her colleagues authored that exposes the network of xenophobic Youtube channels that promote dangerous conspiracy theories about immigrants with their wide reach--and tells us how pro-immigrant advocates should learn from and adapt to their strategies.   
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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a look at Texas Governor Greg Abbott's performative approach to governing--and the very real harms it's causing all of us. 
Then we're joined by Oliver Willis, senior writer at The American Independent, to talk about the sad state of play heading into the 2022 midterms, and help us figure out why neither the Democrats nor the legacy media seem to have a sense of urgency as we watch American democracy teeter on the brink of collapse.
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Joshua Holland kicks off this week's show with a look at how the media are sucking up to insurrectionist Republicans in anticipation of Democratic losses in the upcoming midterms. He also argues that Trump's social media venture, ironically called "Truth Social," has been a smashing success and considers some stunningly clueless punditry about Russia's disastrous assault on Ukraine. 

Then we are joined by Jaisal Noor, a correspondent with The Real News Network, to talk about his series of reports detailing how some progressive groups are learning to play a long game using "deep canvassing" to make gains in rural communities that have typically been hostile to their cause. 


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Joshua Holland kicks off this week's show with a look at why the war in Ukraine is likely to be intractable for a long while to come. (We hope he got this one wrong.) 
Then we're joined by Elie Mystal, The Nation's justice correspondent and author of the new book, Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution, to talk about this week's confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and why a good Constitution wouldn't require us to keep fighting overt basic rights for over two centuries.
And then we get caught up on some good news about an important green energy initiative in New York by Jessica Azulay from Alliance for a Green Economy. That's right--actual good news!
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This week, Joshua Holland kicks off the show with a look at a new study which found that living in states governed by Republicans can have serious consequences for your health. 
Then we're joined by Have You Heard co-host Jennifer Berkshire, who reported for The Nation that the GOP and some deep-pocketed astroturf groups tried out a key midterm strategy in New Hampshire school board races last week--running against "critical race theory" and school mask mandates and other contrived grievances--and their message fell absolutely flat when public education advocates stood up to them. 
And then we speak with Jim Kessler, a policy analyst at Third Way, about a new analysis which shows that the much-discussed spike in murders over the past couple of years has been more pronounced in GOP-leaning states than in Blue America--and what might explain the disparity. 
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Joshua Holland kicks off this week's show with a look at an effort by Idaho Republicans to take over a local Democratic Party and destroy it from within. 
Then we're joined by University of Maryland political scientist Brian Grodsky to talk about the potential pitfalls inherent in the most punishing sanctions regime the world has ever pursued in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
And then we welcome Jessica Mason Pieklo, executive editor of the Rewire Newsgroup and co-host of Boom, Lawyered!to take a bird's eye view of an alarming trend of red state lawmakers, emboldened by a judiciary captured by right-wing ideologues, pursuing an increasingly fascistic legislative agenda.
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